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Listen to the Grass roots radio segment on with host Karen Canton of Kaercher Insurance, guests Martina Jaccarino, litigation attorney with Black & LoBello and Avis Bulbulyan, CEO of Bulbulyan Group. They discuss employees who use medical marijuana, the need for the cannabis industry to mature quicker than most businesses. The requirements for packaging information and how that will become more detailed as the space moves forward. The group also discuss cannabis insurance for medical marijuana businesses. The gathering of risk elements data are needed for accurate insurance coverage pricing is examined, as well as how medical marijuana compares to regular pharmaceuticals when insurance is considered.

Click here to listen to Grass roots radio on  which aired on August 6,1015

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Martina L. Jaccarino is a trial attorney who has been practicing in Nevada for 20 years.  Most recently Ms. Jaccarino has been heavily involved in Nevada’s Medical Marijuana Program. Martina Jaccarino has provided practical guidance for insurers entering the industry and has written articles on employment law and medical marijuana for nationally circulated magazines.  Most recently she has addressed the Nevada Bar regarding a variety of issues surrounding medical marijuana, the Southern Nevada Medical Marijuana Association regarding product liability loss prevention and the Association of Corporate counsel regarding issues arising in employment relations as a result of Nevada’s medical marijuana statute.

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