Asset Protection 

There is a range of asset protection strategies designed to shield and insulate our clients’ wealth from liability risks. Black & LoBello can determine the protection strategy that best suits your personal and business profile needs. Asset protection in Nevada consists of methods available to protect assets from liabilities arising elsewhere. Assets in Nevada that can be protected from creditors by law are few. Some examples include equity in a home, some retirement plans and interests in LLCs and limited partnerships. However, in many cases, even these are not always unreachable. It is possible to vest legal title to personal assets in a trust, an agent or a nominee, while retaining all the control of the assets. The goal of asset protection is similar to bankruptcy, and the two practice areas go hand-in-hand. When a debtor has none to few assets, the bankruptcy route is preferable. When the debtor has significant assets, asset protection may be the solution. At Black & LoBello, our lawyers understand our clients’ individual needs and plan their asset protection strategy accordingly.

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