Divorce in Nevada


Divorce in Nevada has the potential to become complex and very costly without the advice of an experienced legal counsel. Black & LoBello will utilize our years of experience in the field of Family Law to advise you in advance as to the potential pitfalls and perils you face.

The dissolution of marriage is accomplished by Divorce. Nevada is a no-fault state which means that the reasons for divorce are often inconsequential. Nevada Family Court will terminate the marriage and declare the parties single and unmarried persons if one party claims incompatibility. For this reason, we encourage our clients to focus their energies on other areas, rather than focusing on establishing blame for the failed marriage. Once clients re-focus their energy, the legal matters can be readily addressed. Timing can be crucial in a divorce and seeking the advice of an attorney early in the process can drastically affect the outcome of your case. Black & LoBello will advise you in advance as to the potential pitfalls and perils that you face, and will utilize our years of Divorce experience to protect both your assets and interest.

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