Nevada Business Formation

Black & LoBello represents clients in establishing, amending and dissolving corporations, LLC’s and other business entities. Black & LoBello acts as resident agent for hundreds of Nevada businesses and assists it’s clients in ensuring that each business is properly established and maintained by filling the required annual reports and drafting required maintenance documents.

Nevada entities that offer some of the benefits of a Nevada LLC are excellent asset and creditor protection. Most practitioners agree that Nevada provides some of the most favorable corporate laws in the country.

Some of the benefits of a Nevada LLC are:

  • Nevada’s statues generally favor businesses;
  • The organizational requirements are quite informal- no annual meetings or minutes are necessary;
  • LLC’s are flexible structures that can be used in many different ways- to own property, to manage an operating business and to hold liquid assets;
  • LLC’s can be taxed in four different ways: as a disregarded entity, a partnership, an S-Corp or a C-Corp;
  • Nevada, unlike many other states, has no state income tax or corporate tax; and
  • Nevada LLC’s can be structured to maximize privacy and anonymity.
  • Perhaps most importantly, the members’ interests cannot be attached by a creditor. The only remedy against a member is to obtain a “Charging Order” allowing the creditor to lien or “charge” the member’s profit distribution rights when, or if, a distribution is made by the member of the LLC. As such, assets within the LLC are safe but trapped.