Jeffrey J. Whitehead, Esq.

Mr. Whitehead has over twenty-five years of experience in all fields of business law, corporate law, health care legislation, estate planning and asset/estate administration. In his multi-state practice in the states of New York, Nevada, Arizona, and Utah, Mr. Whitehead assists a diverse array of clients from individuals to commercial developers, hospitals, hospital joint ventures, physician IPA’s, HMO’s, nursing homes, hospital medical staffs, durable medical equipment providers, pharmacies, dental networks and hospital-physician joint networks. He represents his clients in as transactional attorney and commercial litigator.

Mr. Whitehead advises providers on issues of Medicare and Medicaid compliance, general and specific compliance programs and corporate integrity programs. He has advised health care providers on issues of technology, copyrights and trademarks as well as the structuring and organization of business structures.

In addition, Mr. Whitehead counsels independent physician associations regarding health maintenance organization operations, the formation and operation of limited service organizations, advises hospitals in the acquisition of physician specialty practices and, physician organizations in regards to OIG advanced opinions, fraud and abuse and Anti-Kickback safe harbors.

Mr. Whitehead participated in the working group that advised the Nevada Secretary of State in the comprehensive revision to the business entity statutes and, himself, drafted the initial limited liability statute for state adoption in Nevada in 1991. He was also successful in advancing legislative changes in the Nevada on matters of medical privacy and peer review. He continues to consult on legislative matters and participate in lobbying efforts concerning the medical industry.

As a natural extension of his skills, Mr. Whitehead works extensively with clients in estate planning, asset protection, and probate avoidance or administration. He serves on the Board of Directors for the Nevada Wealth Counsel, and works on matters affecting Nevada’s self-settled spendthrift trusts, and family trust companies. He assists developers, contractors, financial institutions and trust companies in matters of real estate, liens, encumbrances, mortgages and other financing instruments. He has assistance to his clients in this area range from the establishment of simple wills and trusts to developing golf courses, multi-phase home developments and shopping malls.

Mr. Whitehead graduated cum laude from Brigham Young University, and served a two year federal judicial clerkship for US District Judge Bruce R. Thompson. He is licensed to practice in the states of Nevada, Arizona, Colorado and New York.

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