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Nevada leads in the nation in foreclosures and foreclosure related issues. Black & LoBello has provided over 10 years of service in the Las Vegas valley to residents suffering from foreclosure as well as problems stemming from foreclosure.

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Foreclosure and foreclosure issues affect nearly 1 in 150 households in Clark County and 1 in 252 households in Washoe County yet, many people don’t know their rights to be able to defend themselves properly.  Black & LoBello advises those who are facing foreclosure in Nevada.  Fortunately, the 76th legislation session of 2011 passed some critical laws that are helping to sort out the mortgage crisis and make the foreclosure process fair.  Such laws like AB 284 and AB414 protect homeowners’ rights as well as strengthen the rules of foreclosure.   Our experienced attorneys understand the intricacies of these new laws and can negotiate with the banks to make sure you are afforded every opportunity to protect your home against foreclosure.

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