On April 25th, Assembly Bill 284 passed the Nevada State Assembly and is now headed to the Nevada State Senate.  The bill would help to give more transparency to the foreclosure process and hold the foreclosing parties more accountable for their actions.  Below is the list of how the Assembly voted.

Paul Aizley Yea Elliot Anderson Yea
Kelvin Atkinson Yea Teresa Benitez-Thompson Yea
David Bobzien Yea Steven Brooks Yea
Irene Bustamante Adams Yea Maggie Carlton Yea
Richard Carrillo Yea Marcus Conklin Yea
Richard (Skip) Daly Yea Olivia Diaz Yea
Marilyn Dondero Loop Yea John Ellison Yea
Lucy Flores Yea Jason Frierson Yea
Edwin Goedhart Yea Pete Goicoechea Nay
Tom Grady Nay John Hambrick Nay
Scott Hammond Yea Ira Hansen Nay
Cresent Hardy Nay Pat Hickey Nay
Joseph Hogan Yea William Horne Yea
Marilyn Kirkpatrick Yea Randy Kirner Nay
Kelly Kite Nay Pete Livermore Yea
April Mastroluca Yea Richard McArthur Nay
Harvey Munford Yea Dina Neal Yea
John Oceguera Yea James Ohrenschall Yea
Peggy Pierce Yea Tick Segerblom Yea
Mark Sherwood Yea Debbie Smith Yea
Lynn Stewart Yea Melissa Woodbury Yea

For a copy of the Bill, go to http://www.leg.state.nv.us/Session/76th2011/Bills/AB/AB284.pdf.  We will keep you updated on its progress.

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