Stephanie B. MacKeen, Esq.

Stephanie B. MacKeen received her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, British Columbia, in 2000.  From 2002 through 2005, Ms. MacKeen studied law at New England School of Law in Boston, Massachusetts. Through the summer of 2003, Ms. MacKeen studied Comparative Constitutional Law and Comparative Trial Systems in Europe, at the University of Malta, in Valetta, Malta.

Through her last two years at New England School of Law, Ms. MacKeen worked and later volunteered at the Boston Stock Exchange, in the Department of Regulation and Enforcement, dealing primarily with internal as well as SEC-related compliance issues. Ms. MacKeen obtained her Juris Doctor in 2005, and was awarded the CALI award in Securities Regulation, and Free Speech and Religion. Ms. MacKeen also received the New England Scholar award for academic achievement in her final year of studies.

Ms. MacKeen was admitted to practice law in the State of Nevada in May of 2006. Prior to coming to Black & LoBello, Ms. MacKeen’s work focused primarily on liquor and gaming licensing in the City of Las Vegas, Clark County, and the City of Henderson. She also worked extensively in the field of land use and zoning. Ms. MacKeen is currently a member of the Nevada State Bar Association and the Nevada Trial Lawyer’s Association.

Since joining Black & LoBello in 2006, Ms. MacKeen, has practiced primarily in family law, however, her education and previous practice experience has provided invaluable practical experience in the application of virtually any law, rule, policy or regulation.  More importantly, Ms. MacKeen’s background has instilled her with the unique ability to navigate almost any legal or administrative forum.  Her background has proven to be invaluable in virtually every area of family law.

Ms. MacKeen has almost singlehandedly spearheaded the firm’s juvenile dependency department which has represented hundreds of parents and children involved in abuse & neglect and parental termination proceedings in Clark County.  Currently, Ms. MacKeen serves as a truancy judge on a volunteer basis in association with the Truancy Diversion Project for the Eighth Judicial District Court.

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Stephanie B. MacKeen

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