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The government has environmental controls in place for air, water, drinking water, solid waste, hazardous waste, toxic chemicals and more.  When a landowner is attempting to build a project, ranging from a dock on a lake to a coal-fired energy plant, the landowner will often have to obtain permission from one or more government regulators.  Just as often, a landowner or businessperson will receive a letter in the mail stating that he or she is violating one or more environmental laws or regulations. 

Black & LoBello can help with all types of environmental and land use issues.  We have experience assisting clients in applying for and successfully obtaining permits, compliance with regulatory rules, and defense against enforcement actions.  Analyzing complex governmental regulations is just the start.  Counsel must then know how to work with regulators in order to meet the client’s needs.  We have represented our clients in both negotiations and adversary proceedings before federal and state regulators.  The goal is always to obtain the right outcome for the client, whether it entails negotiations or litigation. 

In addition to environmental regulation, land use regulation such as zoning and easements can affect the rights of property owners.  Black & LoBello has experience working with the local government on air use matters as well.  In addition, we have helped airfield operators handle noise and fumes complaints and reduce bird strike hazards.  We have experience in using the zoning process to determine appropriate land use for property underneath flight paths and drafting private property agreements to guarantee the rights of landowners and flyers.    

Whatever your environmental or land use situation, Black & LoBello can assist you with analyzing the regulations, developing a response plan and implementing that plan before federal, state or local government regulators and agencies.   

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